El Nino 2015 and Proven Geoengineering

In March of this year the 2015 El Nino was being predicted to be a “weak, weird and late version” of El Nino, not too many places would be affected by it.

Looking back, now in September, similar patterns and signs of geoengineering can be observed to those exposed earlier also in March, in “Exposed: New NASA Map Confirms 2 Kinds of Geoengineering in the USA.” A highly suppressed report that got the attention of NASA itself, BP, Alabama Power Co and several other government agencies and private corporations. Even WordPress was caught helping in the censoring of the report.

In relation to the 2015 El Nino this is important to point out because in the same region where the geoengineering was exposed through the NASA map for instance now also geoengineering can be witnessed during El Nino’s build-up, off the coast of Western USA.

NASA map:

Weather Channel maps:

El Nino 2015:




In the pictures of the 2015 El Nino (above) it is clear that either an entire region’s weather system and its patterns (off the coast of Western USA) are being created or suppressed deliberately. The same region where the NASA and Weather Channel maps were used to expose the earlier geoengineering.

In this video starting at 5.09 the above sequence can be viewed, as well as USA Today excerpts relating to this year’s El Nino.

They are either trying to create rainfall, or more likely suppress it, but whatever they are doing it’s called geoengineering. Deliberate tampering with the weather for monetary benefits and it’s not hard to see that the military and corporative vulture alliance are involved in it. They have access to these installations 24/7 and the latter can surely rake in substantial extra wealth when they control the outcome of this year’s El Nino.

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