“Jewish American Troll” Joshua Ryne Goldberg is ISIS Sock Puppet

Now that it has been reported even in the mainstream press that ISIS is basically the work of the zionist sect and all their establishment and alternative gatekeepers there is no reason to believe any of the ISIS-related claims that will be made in the future.

The story of Joshua Ryne Goldberg explains most of it and takes down the very foundations of the global ISIS psyop. With this you also have a litmus test that will determine which alt media outlets are wasting your time by taking you on the sidetracks of reality.

Download the accompanying affidavit here before they pull it!

On that note, let us remind the world of these two issues as well.

The no-people-in-the-car capture from the faked RPG attack:


And the Abu Sayyaf raid in Syria that never happened:


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