Photos of 1991 Albanian Immigrants Used to Hype Up Syrian Refugee “Tsunami”

A false Facebook post that is using photos from the 1991 Albanian immigrants to hype up the Syrian refugee crisis is still catching up speed and as of this writing has reached more than 20,000 shares originating from one account alone so there are likely many thousands more that are not counted here and from this several blog posts and articles can be assumed as well.

Jeff Ybañez Garcia, Syria, crisis, albanian immigrants, vlora, 1991

This shows how easily a crowd can be fooled and lied to and THAT needs to be addressed and exposed here.

The immigrants that are shown were “boarding” the VLORA and this is easily proven through an image search. Even the BBC has a video online about this 1991 stampede. It is through idiots like Jeff Garcia that the hardcore resistance is loosing precious time, time and again.

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