Fact: ISIS is “Anonymous” 2.0

Here’s what the so-called truth movement needs to understand and talk about, especially those who want to assure the rest of us that they are the real deal.

Now, before you continue and do that be sure you have the proper information published on your site or blog that makes it beyond clear for your readers and followers that Joshua Goldberg is a jewish American troll who was helping to further the zionist sectarians their Middle East Agenda for A Greater Israel.



It has been documented extensively over the years that Anonymous has been co-opted by government agencies and black op operatives in order to give their actions a certain level of cover, in that anyone can claim to be representing Anonymous and getting away with whatever they do or stage. It is needless to argue about this and on top of that, as I have written before, Anonymous front runners have been covering the fake ISIS beheading videos and so forth as if all of these were real, through this misdirecting their audience and fans of which many are or were basically potential rebels who could have been strong and valuable links in the resistance chain.

Unless you have been offline for the last 2 years or so, or have been a die hard fan of Anonymous you already have admitted at least for yourself that anything coming from Anonymous should be observed with the proper skepticism and should be submitted to the appropriate sniff-testing. Again, because anyone can claim to be Anonymous. Involved in black propaganda? Use Anonymous… and now… also ISIS.

In an identical way the ISIS collective can also be deployed for the same and even more extreme reasons. Anyone can claim to be an ISIS affiliate, any press outlet can pin “ISIS affiliate” on anyone or any group, easily, and that’s exactly what they are doing.

Joshua Goldberg is the text book example for this although he didn’t get away with his scam, he was busted and rightfully so.

But it is a fact that “ISIS” can surely be regarded as “Anonymous” 2.0. Lessons have been learned and a lot of expertise has been gathered over the past years. After all, it was Anonymous who helped to create the Arab Spring frenzy – that’s also a fact –  and we all should know by now that the same UNEI agencies who crafted ISIS also crafted the Arab Spring, which wasn’t a spontaneous development in any way. The versatility of “Anonymous” has been exploited extensively during those early days of this so-called “Spring”. Likewise that versatility has been exploited in order to help establish the fundamental ISIS narratives and doctrine and from thereon a 2.0 version of an Anonymous-like collective is easy to understand, trace and establish.

Thus, saying that ISIS is Anonymous 2.0 is only a natural conclusion that can’t be argued against for both are making sure that both survive, they give each other a purpose, a reason to exist.

There where the Anonymous doctrine seems to draw the line, violence and killing, the ISIS doctrine simply continues. Anyone can now put on a “Cobra” ski mask, wave an Al Qaeda or ISIS flag (like it matters which one, since the media feed their audiences both flags while describing and depicting ISIS and no gentile ever notices) and start uploading videos and photos, calling for the death of anyone and violent revolts anywhere on the planet and even kill anyone on the spot if wanted.

Wouldn’t it be great for the US-Israeli military complex to see Europe, for instance, collapse so they can then storm in and save the day from events and attacks masterminded in Tel Aviv and Washington? Sure enough, that would give the fake US economy a long-lasting boost. Imagine all the money that can be made from a theater of war in the EU, dominated by American and Israeli police state corporations. Man, those billions. Truly worth lying, killing and molesting for. ROI through  OpISIS: 10,000%? Give or take.

It may seem a long stretch but it’s not. Anonymous is helping to pave the way for this. Anonymous front runners do blame Assad for the refugees, fact!

Anonymous seems to be fighting ISIS but it’s not, fact!

Both ISIS and Anonymous help to accomplish what the US/Israeli zionists want, war. Fact!

Anonymous 2.0? It’s real, it’s already here. It’s called ISIS!

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