11 Months Later: Zionist Control Over the NSA is a Proven Historical Fact

At the age of 31, she landed like a human meteor in Secretary of Defense Robert Gates’ bureau in the Pentagon, and today, at the age of 39, Anne Neuberger holds a very senior position in the National Security Agency (NSA). – Ynet

There are hundreds and even thousands of activists that keep denying or avoiding the fact that the zionist sect and not the “new world order” is the ruling force in the darkness of this world that manifests itself through oppression and global control grid building. Alex Jones and Natural News and so on will have you believe that the new world order is the beast, while always conveniently omitting all the evidence that even that so-called ‘order’ is a zionist construct of which most of the powerful families eagerly want to be a part of while others are simply blackmailed into joining and promoting it, along with all the scams and hoaxes that come with it.

With the NSA having Neuberger occupying the 11-months-old position of Chief Risk Officer the US and Israeli intelligence and military complex have basically given the zionist sectarians full control over every aspect of intel gathering and management and not just in their respective countries. Never before was it so easy for the Israeli government to have access to, infiltrate, manipulate and co-opt any group of people or company anywhere in the world than it is now.

Neuberger, a zionist, has through her position direct contact and close relations with government contractors, a perfect position to allow forwarding of any and all data to any and all zionists who ask for it. And she does, make no mistake about it. You don’t just land like a “meteor” in the defense department, the pentagon and the NSA, but of course being from jewish descent and willing to play ball – willing to subvert and pervert – will help you a long way ahead. This case speaks for itself basically and needs little explanation.

All the reason more this makes it even easier to believe that the Snowden escapade is staged by zionist intrests. After all, during the assumed chaos this has caused the zionist sect has given itself the opportunity to plant the right pawns in the right places, which they clearly have done. And that aside from all the other sectors they admittedly control and have hijacked, including world finance, the nuclear sector and US entertainment through which the rest of the western world is being successfully perverted and deconstructed.

It makes a lot of sense to have a zionist in charge of the NSA’s “Risk Management” because in that position one decides what goes and what not, what is acceptable and what not and on top of this all it provides greater control over information and black ops that are being run with the direct support of zionist corporations (Comverse, Verint, Narus,…) that are discussed in the video below which is dated April 22, 2012.

If the video is not loading or displaying this is the link: youtube.com/watch?v=vsAIG9W3iE4

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