Censor Busting: HUR Notes on Facebook

Given that all of the real hardcore resistance websites are being censored the information is not reaching the people anymore that it should. Traffic statistics are dropping and not because the content is so very bad or worthless. There’s a pattern in the drop and this needs to be addressed immediately. Online censoring and memory holing is picking up pace and intensity and is seriously damaging what is left of the resistance.

It is a limited solution and not too long from now countermeasures will be taken but for now we believe it is a good alternative to republish all our and others their work on venues where THEY want people to be and stay. Places like Facebook.

Facebook has an option for pages to publish “notes” and that’s what we are going to do for now. We’re going to use this option just to make sure that the information that we put out actually stays there too. These notes can of course be censored as well but we are of the opinion that we just have to give it a try until other solutions can and will be implemented as well.

On the Facebook page for the Hardcore Underground Resistance a growing list of publications will be available starting today. There all our own articles and reports and those from others we find valuable will be listed and will be linked to the accompanying Facebook copy.

Facebook Page:


HUR Notes List:


If they are planning to make people stay longer on Facebook and practically forcing them to consume their news on-site (on Facebook) then that’s what we at least have to exploit as well.

This of course will not contribute to restoring traffic to websites (and the financing that comes with it) but it may help to get the information out and that’s what it essentially is about after all.

More updates about this and other measures will be posted later.

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