ALERT: Resistance Under New Attack!

The remaining resistance that is still out there is now once again under attack and this seems to have been going on for at least a few weeks already.

The ruse that is at the center of this all revolves around false reports and republications thereof that claim that the Cristo Redentor statue (Rio, Brazil) has been altered, in that the height has allegedly been reprogrammed by those who manipulated the timeline of mankind. No kidding!

Seriously, like the flat earth ruse this one too will get you screwed big time when you don’t fight it off appropriately.

The Jesus statue in Brazil never was 300 feet high, all documentation shows that 38-39 meters is its actual height – including its pedestal. Falling for this latest crap and exposing your readers and fans to it without the proper breakdown and warning will destroy all your efforts of fighting in the hardcore underground resistance and we don’t want anything to do with those who push this ruse to new limits.

It doesn’t matter if those who push this latest hoax also have talked appropriately about the jewish sock puppet that was running fake ISIS campaigns (to save their face) because saying that that Jesus statue was originally 300 feet high before rogue time travelers “messed” with our timelines, while it never was, simply exposes them once again for what they truly are – deliberate derailers. And they know very well what they are doing. Do not doubt this for one second!

This is exactly how groups of people and resistances are being undermined and neutralized, by gatekeepers and saboteurs who mix facts with pure fabrications, willingly sending you on a sidetrack so you will look like an idiot for posting the fantasy that they put out there.

The pictures below show that the height of the Cristo Redentor has always been the same and never was 300 feet. All the dimensions are identical to those of today’s pictures of the same statue.

cristo-rio-6 cristo-rio-1 cristo-rio-5 cristo-rio-4 cristo-rio-3 cristo-rio-2

What this means is that those who allegedly have these time traveling installations must have had this for over 80 years or they wouldn’t have been able to save their own buts since they wouldn’t be able to travel all the way back to their present. Given that the pictures prove that the statue never was 300 feet, that time traveling equipment in this case is proven to not exist, which is why this Jesus statue altering is nothing but a ruse invented to make you look stupid when falling for it.

Aside from this, the Felix Baumgartner BASE jump also proves that the height was the same as it always was, back in December of 1999, when he jumped from the right arm of the statue.

“Then, just before dawn, he fired a cable from a crossbow over the right arm of the 30-metre statue and climbed up to the outstretched hand. … Normally you need 50 or 60 metres. It’s extremely dangerous … – BBC

Experienced BASE jumpers and organizers of such events would have had no reason in 1999 to state that the 30-meter high arm of the statue is very low and a dangerous height and that 50 to 60 meters is suggested when BASE jumping – as they did in the above BBC article. If also this article is part of that same alleged conspiracy then everything ever written about BASE jumping must also have been “messed” with to keep this story sticking, which is laughable at best given all the different languages that this topic is written in.

Felix Baumgartner, Salto do Cristo Rio de Janeiro (1999)

Video link:

FACT: This dangerous anti-resistance ruse originated in the US (where else) and it shows how perverted the minds are in the land of the not so free. A land that has been known for decades to be a huge experiment theme park soaked in deception, subversion, dark obscenity, mind perversion, enslavement, zionism and eugenics; funded through fraudulent and constantly lost wars and founded by members of secret societies that planned to allow the US to become what it has, right on cue.

FACT: This dangerous anti-resistance ruse is currently also pushed by James Heikkila, a self-proclaimed truther authority, who has already been exposed as a fraud permanently with his pants down his ankles, while his fans keep craving for more of his silly bullshit nonetheless.

Final note: I seriously doubt that time traveling in the sense it is assumed in this case is possible. The exact world, people and society of THEN are no longer and thus going back there physically is impossible. The only way you may be able to LOOK back decades or hundreds of years would be by going far enough away from the Earth, like in many many light years away, and zoom in to what can be seen from that distance to have a look at what was happening back then. Sort of like watching star light from stars that may already be gone by now. Capturing such views may result in “live” images from the past but you wouldn’t be able to tamper with the actual settings given that they no longer exist physically.

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