GeoEngineering Watch is an Enemy Website

Is climate engineering real? Of course it is. Do THEY mess with the weather on purpose? Of course they do. HERE is a stunning, well-documented and highly censored example of that!!

Is GeoEngineering Watch, a false truther website, exposing climate engineering? Yes, they are BUT…..!!!

They mix facts, deliberately with junk, pure fabrications and their own conclusions that describe events that are physically impossible and Dane Wigington knows this all too well. Of course he will not tell you so. He needs you to fund his fraudulent operation as a gatekeeper of darkness. It’s a disinfo textbook example.

Read this and tell me, honestly, that such crap doesn’t strike you at least as odd:


Wait, let me type it out for you so there can be no mistake about what is printed there:

sea levels are going up, but they are going up faster off the north-east coast of the US than almost anywhere else

Now, tell me that this is physically possible. Prove to me that it is and I’ll shut up! Of course you can’t. No one can. It’s totally impossible. It’s even too ridiculous to even consider.

So until that day I will – and you should too – mark Wigington’s website as an enemy of the resistance. Put him on the same list with Alex Jones, his idiot NWO parrots and affiliates, nicely in between James Heikkila‘s name and Natural News.

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