Just Call it What it Really is: “The Blob” is an Engineered Phenomenon

“The Blob” officially is an area off the US west coast where water temperatures are higher than “normal.” It’s a phenomenon that has emerged and was discovered in 2013. It sits, “comfortably parked,” right above the El Nino there. The currents are slowing almost 100% and the area is still growing.

the blob, noaa, engineered

For decades and centuries the El Nino has been observed, researched and defined and never has this “blob” been noticed. It is something new and scientists even “want your help to understand the blob.” No one seems to have, or is willing to give, the correct answer to the question ‘what is the Blob?’ – even though the answer is extremely simple.


The Blob was put there. It was created on purpose and it is being kept there deliberately as well. In an earlier Rebelyzer report we showed you how the El Nino for 2015 is being manipulated and in the then linked video at 5.09 and 6.12 you can partially see how this is being done. In between the Blob and El Nino they are playing with the weather system and patterns. This keeps the Blob where it is and helps it to grow. And for all I know they may as well be directly beaming on the Blob with HAARP-like installations in  order to heat up the sea water there. Either way it is a manufactured phenomenon that has been exposed!!


Now, magically that region is the exact same place that the Truth Sector report mentioned when it earlier exposed geoengineering off the US west coast. The pieces of the puzzle really fall perfectly in place.

Strangely, not a single “scientist” has connected the dots yet and has been willing to come out and publicly address this and the so-called mysterious Blob. If I can then surely they can too, and way better than me. After all, they are the educated professionals. Aren’t they?

There’s nothing mysterious about the origins of this Blob. It’s high level manufacturing of weather, deliberate killing of precipitation in California. It’s eco-terror – manifesting itself the way it does. Also through this Blob.

Next thing you know they’ll throw in the Blob too on the next UN climate summit to falsely point out “here, you see? CO2 is causing a freakin’ Blob now!” I bet you can even find at least a thousand useful idiots in the world who can be fooled into marching in one of their protests holding “Stop the Blob” banners. I actually envision such events without using any imagination whatsoever. It would be perfect UN-Greenpeace-WWF material.


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