Climate Frenzy: “The Blob” Effect and Establishment Denial of Engineered Weather

It looks like they are deliberately trying to create confusion about “the Blob” I discussed earlier, here, when I showed that the warm water blob off the US west coast is being engineered.

Now they are launching a new campaign about another Blob, containing cold water off the coast of Greenland. That colder than average water blob was never called a blob until I posted my previous report and that can be documented with this March 23, 2015, article from AccuWeather. Nowhere in that article (or anywhere else) is that now-called blob called a blob at all. It was not trending or known like that at all back then but now all of a sudden it is. Very odd!

So from this it can be concluded that confusion is willingly being created and it is without any doubt in support of the UN’s upcoming man made climate change fraud summit and the accompanying propaganda campaigns. Hence, it is being suggested that the increased melting of Greenland ice (the cold water blob) is caused by mankind’s production of CO2.

It doesn’t matter anymore though that they want to divert the attention away from the earlier exposure of engineered weather and the warm water blob off the coast of western US by now calling the Greenland water blob a blob as well. The fact remains that people have been pointed out that the warm water Blob is an engineered phenomenon and that’s the bottom line.

In addition to this the press and “the scientists” can’t even stay on the same page for a single minute, that’s how flimsy their climate science really is. On one hand they want you to believe that the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation is slowing down and that that is human-caused because the changes “are unprecedented since the year 900 AD,” no kidding. Apparently to those voices the industrial revolution started anno 900, nice twist in historical doctrines. It shows how desperate they truly are.

On the other hand there’s NASA (who was caught censoring THIS report) saying that the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation has been speeding up, obviously in contradiction to their also mainstream counterparts who say it is slowing down. Clearly none of both sides have the answers and both are just making things up along the way in their efforts to keep you all afraid of climate change which is a naturally occurring event of course. Ice ages and interglacials prove that.

Lastly, it needs to be pointed out again that all mainstream and establishment press and science publications talking about (man made) climate change fail to incorporate any forms of hostile weather engineering into their “studies” and reports. None of them, whatsoever, ever mention the impacts of large-scale military-style interventions – i.e. geoengineering. This by itself completely destroys the relevance and accuracy of any such reports and studies given that geoengineering is having a demonstrably effect on the climate and weather, locally and globally. Not discussing this, not incorporating this in models and charts is the same as writing with an empty marker. Sure, they insinuate to be writing but the lack of ink makes them look incompetent, and rightfully so.

Here, take a look at this “new” method and study for example and show me any mentioning of climate manipulation by military installations and programs that were built and created for the purposes of warfare and furthering geopolitical agendas. You won’t find any at all and that makes also that latest yet another empty-shell study/method and I invite both the authors/scientists – Daniel Horton, Noah Diffenbaugh – to prove me wrong.

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