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Climate Frenzy: “The Blob” Effect and Establishment Denial of Engineered Weather

It looks like they are deliberately trying to create confusion about “the Blob” I discussed earlier, here, when I showed that the warm water blob off the US west coast is being engineered. Now they are launching a new campaign … Continue reading

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GeoEngineering Watch is an Enemy Website

Is climate engineering real? Of course it is. Do THEY mess with the weather on purpose? Of course they do. HERE is a stunning, well-documented and highly censored example of that!! Is GeoEngineering Watch, a false truther website, exposing climate … Continue reading

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El Nino 2015 and Proven Geoengineering

In March of this year the 2015 El Nino was being predicted to be a “weak, weird and late version” of El Nino, not too many places would be affected by it. Looking back, now in September, similar patterns and … Continue reading

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