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Fact: ISIS is “Anonymous” 2.0

Here’s what the so-called truth movement needs to understand and talk about, especially those who want to assure the rest of us that they are the real deal. Now, before you continue and do that be sure you have the … Continue reading

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Sherlock: US Central Command Manipulates ISIS Intel Reports

This is exactly what should be expected, when the on 9/11/2001 initiated fraudulent war on terror doctrine – mere hours after the inside job of that day – has by now already led to the creation of the Amman Joint … Continue reading

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“Jewish American Troll” Joshua Ryne Goldberg is ISIS Sock Puppet

Now that it has been reported even in the mainstream press that ISIS is basically the work of the zionist sect and all their establishment and alternative gatekeepers there is no reason to believe any of the ISIS-related claims that … Continue reading

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